Branding for a new drink to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

This project was done in collaboration with other designers.


Brand Story

Times have changed, but we still believe in a natural and uplifting approach to health. Growing produce locally, alongside experimenting and infusing the perfect mix of antioxidants and vitamins for each batch.


Our brand personality is Lea, a female character that tells the story of this personal, yet social tradition of crafting and curating. Growing and blending her own recipes, that once perfected, she is only happy to share - from one neighbour to another.


Lea Wellness Tonic in Berry Bundle


Lea Wellness Tonic in Lush Harvest

Lea Wellness Tonic promotional posters

Lea 'Grow With Us' website campaign page

Lea 'Grow With Us' campaign posters

Lea 'Grow With Us' campaign social media sample